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Humans of Impact: Amy Rosenblum

Humans of Impact: Amy Rosenblum

Dreaming big while balancing efficiency and curiosity are key to a successful business in Amy’s mind.

Amy is passionate about how businesses, both nonprofit and for profit, can bring good to the world and work towards making our planet a better place for everyone. Along with business, she is passionate about investing in her children and helping them figure out ways to bring goodness into the world. Children and their pure perspective on the world inspire her creativity.

Building relationships is one of Amy’s many strengths. Being honest about where she comes from helps her to connect with others in her daily life. She believes getting to know what a person is passionate about and what makes them tick is helpful to understand who a person really is. People who have the courage to fight for what they think is right inspire Amy in her personal and professional life.

Even though everyone works in different areas at Impact Hub, she thrives in the environment the members create. She enjoys the people she knows at the Hub and the routine they create in her life. She feels inspired by other members and their businesses while at the Hub, even in the most informal ways like grabbing coffee or morning greetings.

“Progress instead of perfection” has been a guiding mantra in her professional career.

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