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A Successful Impact Investing Collaboratory!

For the second year, the LOHAS Forum co-hosted the Impact Investing Collaboratory in downtown Boulder!  People from far away as Cleveland and San Francisco were in attendance, including well-known entrepreneurs and investors such as Kimbal Musk, Rich Hoops, and Bill Shutkin.

The spirit of the Boulder community really shined through this event, where partners and competitors alike put aside their own narrow business concerns and authentically shared best practices and helped move everyone’s work forward.

Participants, and the generation’s transformative leaders check in before the event begins, while Greg Berry takes a moment to gather his opening thoughts:


Our one and only Greg Berry set the tone for the day by asking everyone to relax, be present and mindful, and open to having honest conversations.  The opening discussion was an intimate conversation facilitated by Bill Shutkin with Kimbal Musk.  Kimbal spoke about his unique journey from his experiences with the apartheid in Africa as a child growing up there, to the fall of the twin towers, to the creation of The Kitchen Community – an organization that has been a sustainable model in the  Boulder community through farm and school partnerships, non-profit partnerships, and investor partnerships.


Following the inspiring talk with Kimbal Musk, participants broke into two groups to have discussions on the topics of what it takes to last in the impact field and what it actually means to “cash-out” of an impact deal. Speakers included Rich Hoops, Zenia Tata, Lopa Brunjes, Al Doerksen, Kim Bixel, and more.  The discussions didn’t stop over lunch, where participants strategically seated themselves at tables with specific discussion topics and a facilitator.  Some of the thematic talking points included impact investing in the public markets, the new role of philanthropy, emerging financing strategies, an even where Impact Hub Boulder is going.



Following lunch, workshops included one on due diligence for the investors in attendance, and a pitch practice workshop where we heard from Back to the Roots, Snack Packers, and Ayzh, three companies attempting to create sustainable solutions in our world.

The day ended with a closing circle led by Greg where attendees shared one takeaway thought, inspiration, actions they will take in the future, or even just something they learned or enjoyed about the day.  Some of the words included in the comments were ‘growth,’ ‘transformation,’ ‘inspiration,’ ‘hope,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘heartened.’


Connections were made, thoughts were shared, and people were inspired!  All in all, it was a successful day!  Many, many, many thanks to everyone who attended!  It is a day we won’t soon forget.  Special thanks to Kimbal Musk, The William James Foundation, LOHAS, Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, First Affirmative Financial Network, and everyone who participated!

Hope to see ya at our next event!


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